Perushev & Khmelev


We code projects of top complexity: websites, applications for iOS and Android.

We step in when the design is ready or is on its way. In the second case we take part in briefing the design team from the tech point of view.


Website, CMS, iOS and Android applications

“If not for these fellas Meduza would not have been launched. I mean it would not have been launched within such a crazy timing. They found the right team, launched the website, publication system and two apps for less than three months. And they did it amazingly well. They are not cheap but worth it. These guys were a great help and found us a dream team”

Ilya Krasilshik



“We are grateful to Perushev & Khmelev agency for the development of the new website of Contemporary Art Museum Garage. With their unique experience in coding they have offered a completely new product for us and brought it to life.”

Anton Belov
Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art



“A big part of our business is handled offline—dozens of business processes, integrations w/ our caterers, w/ our accounting dep. P&K got to the bottom of every little detail. They even participated in conf. calls with our legal team and consultants. Expensive?—Yes. Worth it?—Fuck yeah!”.

Dmitry Fedorov


“Working with the agency was a blast. It was a pleasure to communicate, to overcome obstacles together. They participated in our project with sincere empathy, not only regarding their part, but our own business goals as well. Without their talent and skills, would never have happened, or at least it wouldn’t be as solid and easy to use”.

Ilya Ruderman and Yury Ostromentsky
Founders of


Application for Android

“Guys helped us in a very tricky moment: we wanted to rewrite our Android application from scratch, they organized and launched the whole process very quickly and accurately so the result came in no time. I am very glad we risked and trusted these guys in development.”

Maxim Balabin
Product director

“Carwash Online”

iOS application

“Best mobile expertise in this hemishpere!”

Alexey Gusev